Are Football Transfer Bets Worth It

Football bets have always been a popular market for many people to bet on and there have recently been a lot of new markets added to betting platforms and one that is becoming increasingly popular is player transfer bets, where you can place a bet on a player to either sign a new contract or to sign for another team here is a list of options that are popular for many punters to use when placing these types of bets. Some of the odds on these types of bets can be very low but some can be very high if the players are linked with a move to a club that is not capable of pulling off the move, another market that is now available is manager transfers with the same as the players you can bet on them to either stay or leave to a new club. These transfer bets have become very popular and especially at the start of the season and during transfer windows. When the new seasons start there are a lot of customers placing bets on which manager will be sacked first or even which manager will win a trophy first. You can get some great odds on these types of bets with there always being transfer rumours but there is always some truth behind certain transfer rumours so it gives punters some clues to what is going on behind closed doors and what bets they think they should place.

Football transfer bets have become one of the most popular markets for fans to bet on and since the return of fans football betting markets have shot up to new records with more fans than ever before placing bets on their teams and also on these new players / manager markets. The premier league seems to be the favourite for fans to bet on when it comes to players switching to the league like when ronaldo has recently joined manchester united the player was one of the most betted on across all the markets on which club he would join, manchester city were leading the race to sign him but united come in last minute and snatched the deal. A lot of people placed bets on this transfer as it was one of the most talked about across the football world in recent years, the same as when messi was leaving Barcelona and signed for psg.