New Jersey Launches New Responsible Gaming Tools

Gamblers in New Jersey who are looking for support will now have new tools at their disposal thanks to new initiatives from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

Any players who are worried about their gambling and who want to exclude themselves can not get in touch with DGE via a toll-free phone number. There is the option for players to self-exclude either from online gaming or from both online and in-person.

Users can also choose to meet with DGE responsible gaming personnel, either in person or via video call – hopefully making the service accessible for everyone. There will also be an updated responsible gambling landing page on the DGE website as a hub for both players and operators to get information about responsible gambling.

Responsible Enjoyment A Priority For DGE

The tools are part of a program being developed by Deputy Attorney General Jamie McKelvey, DGE’s first responsible gaming coordinator. McKelvey was given the role in May this year and will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive responsible gaming program that will ensure the safety of patrons and employees in casinos across the state. The program will include initiatives such as training for casino staff on recognizing problem gambling behavior and providing resources to those who may need help.

David Rebuck is the director of DGE. “We hope the new tools will help to further reduce the risk of problem gambling,” said Rebuck. “By promoting responsible gaming practices, we can help keep gaming an enjoyable and entertaining activity for all.”

The Role Of The Division Of Gaming Enforcement

The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is a state agency responsible for regulating the legal, fair, and secure operation of casino gaming in New Jersey. It is responsible for ensuring that all gaming activities are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state. The DGE also works to protect the public from fraudulent or illegal activities related to gambling. This includes monitoring and investigating any suspicious activity, as well as enforcing penalties against those who violate gaming laws.

The DGE also works to ensure that all casinos comply with applicable safety standards and regulations. This includes conducting regular inspections of gaming facilities to ensure they meet all necessary requirements. Finally, the DGE also provides educational resources to help players understand their rights, responsibilities, and terms when it comes to gambling in New Jersey and promotions ffered by state’s online casinos.

Understanding How Online Wagering Has Changed The Landscape Of Gaming In New Jersey

One thing that fans of online casinos champion is that they have made it easier for players to track their progress and manage their bankrolls, which can help them stay within their budget while still enjoying the thrill of gambling. It can also be argued that online wagering has allowed for increased competition between operators, resulting in better bonuses and promotions for players, although some argue that this fuels problem gambling.

While it looks like online gambling is sticking around in New Jersey, these new tools are a welcome addition to supporting players.