Most Popular Online Poker Games

There are a number of different types of poker that are available to play online especially as it is one of the most popular games to play, with enthusiasts of the game able to find that they have a huge amount of choice!

Indeed, whilst picking the best type of online poker game available to play might not be as challenging as those who ponder about a question like where are the best online casinos to play them, it can still be rather intimidating to those who may not have realized there is more to this particular game type than just Texas Hold’em.

Let’s take a look at just some of the popular variants available to play online in a little detail below, thus potentially helping to provide an informed decision about which type to potentially play in the future.

Texas Hold’em

As highlighted above, Texas Hold’em is perhaps the most notable variant of poker available to be played. Indeed, it is a game that has been popularized by many across a number of different forms of media, with the game having been used widely in video games and films.

Those that are perhaps new to poker may be best playing this game to begin with, as it is arguably one of the easiest forms to enjoy. This variant sees players being dealt with two cards that remain hidden to everyone else, as well as a bed of five community cards. Three of these cards begin face up, whilst the other two will be turned on successive rounds of betting.

Players will simply need to try and build the best hand they possibly can from the seven cards that are on show by the end of the round, should they not have decided to fold beforehand.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Those that look for an alternative to Texas Hold’em will typically decide to play Pot Limit Omaha, with this game providing a rather similar format to the aforementioned variant, but with one major difference that is big enough to make the game just as appealing to many.

This difference is in regard to the hand that is dealt at the beginning, as players receive four cards, although they can only use two of them to form their final hand. The fact that more cards are available provides greater winning opportunities, whilst also forces bettors into using a little more skill and strategy with each round played.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Another popular form of online poker that can be played is Caribbean Stud Poker. This variant is a lot different to the others mentioned as it will see players go up against the dealer rather than others that are sat around the table.

Some have suggested that this variant is a little more exciting compared to other forms of the game as it will see them look to directly take money away from the casino, rather than away from other players.

Here, players and the dealer will be dealt with five cards, with the dealer’s cards being visible at all times. It is a simple version of poker and one that is highly enjoyable to play for those who look for something different.

Video Poker

A classic online poker game that is available to play is video poker, with the game made widely available on a number of different online casino platforms. This game is amongst one of the simplest forms of the classic card game to play, with it providing bettors with a range of innovative features such as bonuses, as well as the opportunity to learn at their own pace.